I like to think that awareness is the very first step for positive change. We sometimes spend days, months or years on auto pilot, unaware of how we subconsciously act, think or deal with things. It is only once we are aware of our actions that we can take steps towards change. Our world is so fast paced, we almost never take the time to analyze things. It is helpful to journal our thoughts and jot down the things we desire to change. There is no hiding from reality when it is staring right at you.


You’ve been doing it for years, don’t expect it to be easy. The trick is to not overthink and to just do. Overthinking can cause inaction or “paralysis”. Why be stuck in thought, when you can JUST DO IT!

Practice mindfulness– iwill help you stay in the present and will help you catch yourself when you start reverting back to your old habits. Small, consistent actions overtime will create major changes.


There is a reason why you seek change and it’s important to always remember why.It’s easy to fall back into bad habits, but by remembering WHY you started, what your goals are and where you are headed, you can get back on track.. This can also serve as motivation to avoid going back to old habits and to continue to push yourself towards positive change.

– Limitless Era