We have all experienced feeling highly motivated and then been faced with moments where we have little to no motivation at all. The good thing about this is that you are not the only one! We are all human and all experience these times of “high” and “low” motivation.

Here are three tips that will help you stay motivated:


  1. Remember your “why”


There’s a reason why you have set a goal and were motivated to reach it to begin with. Whether it is to lose 20 pounds, to save money or to become a doctor, the one thing all goals have in common is the WHY! There’s a reason why you set that goal and once you remember why, it makes it much easier to get back on track and to regain your urge to reach your goal. Remembering why will help keep you motivated in times of “low” motivation and will help you stay focused long-term.


  1. Be consistent


As previously mentioned, we are all human. There will be times where you will feel tired, lazy or just want to have “fun” instead of putting in the work needed to achieve your goals. It is normal to feel derailed from time to time, but the trick is to stay CONSISTENT throughout these times. Setting up daily routines such as reading for an hour per day reinforces productivity and becomes a part of your lifestyle. It is important to make your goal a long-term one. This requires a life-style change. This means that your goal will now be a part of your daily routine, which will make it that much easier for you to be consistent. Even after you’ve taken a few days off, you will now be comfortable enough with your new life-style that you will snap right back into it.


  1. See where you will be and not where you are now


When we look at our goals in the long term, it sometimes discourages us because we see how long the path might be. My favorite thing to do at these times is to see my “future self” accomplishing my goal. This keeps me motivated because it brings me back to Tip #1: remembering why I’m doing this. It allows me to appreciate the journey ahead and to take it one day at a time in order to eventually accomplish my goals. Goals do not happen overnight and they do take time, but envisioning the finish line will help encourage you to get there faster.


By Iseah Montgiraud