The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You’re ready for change, you are ready to take action and you’ve accomplished step one, congratulations!  All things start with an idea, with imagination or a simple random thought. You’re here because your conscious guided you here. You’re dedicated to commitment and to hard work, welcome to the selected few!  A steadfast stance has been taken, your mind is made up, and you’re ready to take action. Remember, life won’t go against this although life events might fool your emotional intelligence into believing so. Remind yourself that the stance you took came from your core and that you can’t lose. Learn to be comfortable through what might seem like new and uncommon. Submit to these temporary feelings of doubt and insecurities. The more frequently you apply yourself to this practice, to these mental habits, you will subject yourself to an easier, a more seamless transition to commitment that will turn into momentum.  Momentum is successes soulmate and your soulmate needs your love and attention. Momentum turns into energy and energy never dies, it’s Limitless!

Don’t let fear cripple your mental health as mentioned, all things start with an idea, with imagination or a random thought. Your possibilities are only limited to limitations you set on yourself.  Don’t fail before you’ve started, start before you fail. You’ve set your mark, you are set and your mind is ready now it’s time to take action.

Ron Montgiraud