Bring out the inner athlete in you! Our individualized sports performance programs are based on science, and powered by passion!

Youth Sport Development

(Learn to Train) – Ages 8-13 

Intended to introduce our athletes to the training of the five biomotor abilities:

  1. speed
  2. coordination
  3. strength
  4. flexibility
  5. endurance

while providing our athletes with a fun, safe and positive learning space.

This program uses a Long-Term Athlete Development model that allows our athletes to see continued improvements in their athleticism, while preparing them for our train to play program.

Athletic Development

(Train to Play-) – Ages 14-18

This program is designed to build on the movement literacy acquired from our Learn to Train program.

We focus on developing our biomotor abilities by introducing:

  1. sprinting
  2. weightlifting
  3. jumping
  4. change of direction techniques

This program continues to follow our Long-Term Athlete development model that focuses on progressive training to foster improvements and allows them to maximize their athletic potential later in their careers.

University/Professional Off-season Training

(Train to Compete – TRAIN TO WIN)

This program uses a training system that combines speed, strength, power, agility, and mobility training to MAXIMIZE our athlete’s performance.

We use injury prevention methods to keep our athletes healthy on the field, court, or track.

Athletes can expect individualized training programs that cater to their specific needs and demands of their sport.

Virtual Coaching

Train independently, with guidance. Your trainer will prepare a 4-week  exercise program unique to your individual goals and needs. Videos of the exercises included in your individualized program will be included. You can return in 4 weeks for an updated program.   

Virtual coaching is $169/month

Limitless Performance Bootcamps

Limitless Performance’s bootcamps take a functional approach to training. Join us to improve your strength, aerobic fitness, and flexibility! These full body workouts will allow you to see changes in your body composition, are suitable for adults of all ages.

Take the first step in improving your health by joining these classes!

Athletic Assessments

We provide a physical assessment where we measure variables such as height, weight, flexibility, speed, strength, agility, and BMI.

This information will allow us to  appropriately create individualized programs. We provide video analysis for speed and movement and provide full reports and results.

Advanced Biomechanical Assessment

We provide a physical assessment where we measure variables such as height, weight, flexibility, speed, strength, agility, and BMI. This information will allow us to appropriately create individualized program,

Advanced Biomechanical Assessment …$154.99

Video Technique Analysis

We analyze sprinting and movement mechanics to provide our clients with  feedback such as technical errors, postural concerns, and suggestions to help improve movement ability.

Video Technique Analysis …. $154.99

Global Athletic Report

We provide an overall summary of the athletic assessment. The report will  include all the measurable assessed, the athlete’s strengths and areas where improvement is needed. With  this physical assessment, we can design a program based on the athlete’s specific needs. All athletes will be provided a hard copy of their report with a copy of the video analysis.

Global Athletic Report ….. $396.00